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09/02/20 -It's official - she's RUNNING! Kelly & team with her signed and filed State of Hawaii nomination application!

Save our local restaurants!

Krusin with Kelly - through District 16. Kelly speaks out on what is near and dear to her heart!

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Help change Hawaii.

We are all in this together. Everyone has a part to play in correcting the mistakes from the past and forging a path to prosperity again. Now more than ever Kelly needs your help to rebuild our communities. Together we need to find alternatives to our houseless challenges, expanding mental health care for those that are in need and figure out a better way to address crime in our neighborhoods. Our prisons are maxed out. Most importantly how do we encourage #AlohaAlways? WE deserve better, our keiki and kupuna deserve better. In whatever capacity you are able to assist- whether it be time, money or resources, Kelly wants to hear from you! Let's reinvent the future! Click the button to connect with Kelly or interact with her on her social!

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